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Vibha Galhotra

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1978, Kaithal, India
Lives and works in New Delhi

Vibha Galhotra works with a range of mediums to express her thoughts. From print-making to mix media painting, animation videos , installations and digital photography, she addresses issues of urbanization, globalization and shifting topography of cities, exploring relationships between city and citizen.



B.F.A. (Printmaking) Government College of Arts Chandigarh


M.F.A. (Printmaking) Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharti, Santiniketan

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Vibha comments on shifting topographies of world

Vibha Galhotra’s mix-media sculptures, installations, videos and photographs comment on the shifting topography of the world caused by human exploitation. She uses delicately sewn ghungroo beads to show urban landscape. She sees herself as a part of the restructuring process and constructs these massive installations to show the same. In her 2008 installation, titled Neo Camouflage, Vibha Galhotra shows 53 ft. photographic murals of New Delhi city with buildings arranged in chaotic urban landscape, and mannequins in front of it wearing the same print fabric with the mural behind them, criticizing the condition of cities in India caused by globalization and urban development.

Vibha Galhotra, Neo Camouflage, 2008

Converts traditional craft into new contemporary work

Vibha Galhotra seems to draw inspiration from completely bizarre incidents from her daily life. In one of her works titled Between Known and Unknown she makes a serpent like installation with black spots indicating the infection that once threatened her immune system. She converted her intestinal infection into a large installation using Ghungroos giving tradition a whole new meaning. Ghungroos used by women in Mughal court resounded with the tinkling and this tradition of wearing ghungroos has been continued, but Vibha Galhotra uses this traditional medium in her installations to talk of global issues like urbanization and changing topographies and also an intestinal infection.

Vibha Galhotra, Between Known and Unknown, 2011

Explores global issues like economic growth and globalization

Galhotra’s artworks evoke global concerns. For example in Between Known and Unknown, an elegantly crafted antique table with cabriole legs supporting a globe made of charred wood, is a literal translation of the present global scenario. From the table's underside hangs a cluster of ghungroos showing an organic life that survives under the abused world. Galhotra in her work Sediment, scoops muck from sewage drained Yamuna River and gives it a form of tar coloured abstraction, which comes out as a very strong portrayal of the condition of the river which has become worse than a sewage drain.

Vibha Galhotra, Between Known and Unknown, 2011

She uses a wide range of materials to convey her thoughts

Galhotra's works show that mediums are no longer limited to canvas and paint. Even sediment from the sewage-contaminated Yamuna River, like in her work Sediment (2011), Ghungroos worn by traditional Indian dancers , glass beads and metal form a part of the wide range of raw materials used by the artist . She uses these materials to speak on issues like industrial pollution and disease, commenting on urbanization alongside examining her role in the world. For example, her sculpture Altering Boon, is a wire-and-glass-bead hammock , displaying mapa mundi on its surface, its shadowy outline appears below, inviting notions of fragility in viewer’s mind.

Vibha Galhotra, Sediments, 2011