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Symbolism is also a move towards abstraction in opposition to Naturalism. Having its roots in literature of the 18th century, it delved into art via a group of artists who did not have a common goal, but followed certain stylistic influences. The essence of the work of art is to evoke certain emotional response via the resonance of colors, lines and forms. It is not a very radical departure; nevertheless, it intends to outdo the hegemony of naturalism which was seen as the epitome of artistic brilliance.

When this form spread out its branches across Europe, the interplay of an almost psychedelic use of the brush to denote an inner state of the artist reflected in the works. The most noted influence will be the works of Anju Dodiya whose works are such renditions of the state of mind in the contemporary Indian Art scene.

Further Reading

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Anju Dodiya, The dark moment of beginnings, 2008, watercolor charcoal on paper, 58 x 45 inches