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Seema Kohli

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1960, New Delhi
Lives and works in New Delhi

Seema Kohli is an eminent contemporary artist whose works bring into focus a woman's physical attributes, her intellect, thoughts, dreams and realities. Calm and meditative, her intricate works reflect the subtle beauty of constant procreation. From paintings, murals to installations & sculptures, she works in several mediums that are a unique expression of her style. She even shot a film in 2013 Waiting for Ananda envisaged with a deep spiritual understanding of the world.



Diploma in Applied Arts (ITI), South Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi


B.A (Hon.) Philosophy, Miranda House, Delhi University, New Delhi

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The quiet and subtle beauty of constant procreation

Seema Kohli’s works are a gesture of the divine, a prayer to the eternal self – a way of meditation. ‘The Golden Womb’- Hiranyagarbha evolved from a famous mantra of the Yajur Veda is a celebration through which the supremacy of a female is established and how she procreates and keeps the journey of life, forever on.

To her, the womb represents the perfect half way house, between the material and the divine, it’s where we let go our cosmic consciousness and finally take on the human condition, forever forgetting the where we came from and what it all means.

Seema Kohli, Golden womb series, mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24”

Her creative repertoire encompasses a wide range of mediums

She uses a variety of mediums ranging from painting, murals, installations, sculptures and even films to showcase here ideology. She works in small as well as large formats.

Her bold colour palette, mainly consists of blue, red, green and gold are symbolic wherein blue depicts infinity, and gold, purity.

Seema Kohli, The Tree of Life-II, 2011, mix media on canvas, 24 x 24”

Her work is a contemporary interpretation of mythology and tradition

Seema Kohli’s oeuvre revolves around themes of woman’s beauty, procreation, her intellect, emotional and psychological realities. Her world reveals a claiming of feminine subjectivities, and an altered concept of feminine sexuality.

The brilliance of colours and the ethereal brushwork are profound and expertly conceived in her works. Seema states that detailing is about her interaction with somebody close to her – her mind. These deeply meditative and calm paintings are somewhat autobiographical and personal, nudging the viewer to look within and across boundaries of myth and reality.

Seema Kohli, Untitled (The Silken Cord Series)

Inspiration from Greek and Oriental mythology

‘Ouroborus’ is one of her recent landmark works, which is a congregation of 32 paintings and photographs representing the eternal cycle of birth, death and liberation. The artist was inspired by the Greek and the Oriental myth that humans go through 84 million births. She states that in the process she came across a Greek mythological snake called ‘Ouroborus’ that constantly eats its own tail and rejuvenating itself. To her it seemed like a symbol of the atman that never dies.

Seema Kohli, Ouroborus, 2013, mix media on canvas, 32 canvases, 10 x 10” each