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Rohit Chawla

Indian Contemporary Artist
Lives and works in New Delhi and Goa, India

Rohit Chawla is counted as one of the most sought after Indian photographer in contemporary times. His range of photography is varied and wide but each genre of photography comes out from a fine sense of art and creativity which is always reflected in his photographs. He started his career in advertising where he spent close to twenty years before moving out eventually to start his design and film production company.


Studied at University of Delhi

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Chawla blurred the line between fine art and commercial photography

Being a fashion, food and fine art photographer he has always addressed the issues of conventional distinction of fine art and commercial art and has proven that both can be intermingled through photography. His photographs have a creative eye for beauty, candidness and atmosphere which together builds up a different quality unique to Chawla. His intrinsic love for traveling also plays an important role behind his works where he often shoots in different locations and both the models and the locations tend to create a brilliant synthesis to create an excellent piece of work of art. Another important aspect is that Chawla has explored facets of photography from portrait, fashion, food to fine art photography, especially his intearction with the works of three artists of three different kinds, Raja Ravi Varma, Gustav Klimpt and Frida Kahlo. He has intervened into the works of these artists in his own way and has been able to create a linkage which on one side echoes the past as well as creates a dialogue with contemporary art. Where keeping the costume, composition and objects similar, he has used different models who have in their own way translated the work in a different way altogether. Eminent personalities like Anjolie Ela Menon, Mithu Sen, Kankona Sen Sharma, Neha Dhupia or Chitrangada Singh have posed for these photographs where subtly their different personas has played an important role in creating the impact of these photographs. Rohit has managed all these facets finely and has been able to create a great impact on the viewer.

Rohit Chawla, 2012, from “Free Da”​