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Paresh Maity

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1965, Tamluk, West Bengal, India
Lives and works in New Delhi

PareshMaity is often referred to as a 'romantic' painter and is said to have the ability to perch anywhere to sketch, draw or paint, amidst crowds or all by himself. His work is characterized by stylised forms, free flow of colours and a co-existence of motion and stillness. Interplay of warm hues and vibrant colours and a criss-cross of the figurative, representative and stylised art, with sound academic technique are trademarks of Maity’s productions.


Master of Fine Arts, College of Art, New Delhi

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Government College of Art and Crafts, Kolkata

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Relationships are given precedence in his themes

Each piece reflects upon the extent of relationships that exist between men and women that surround and thrive among us in every country, every continent. Through his images, Maity underlines the million facets of human relationships: love, sorrow, closeness, disappointments, failures and triumphs. He terms the emotions as universal, even if the context is of a specific country; saying that these common threads make his works easy to relate to and identify with.

Paresh Maity, Attraction, 28 x 16”.

A reflection of the fabric of contemporary Indian components

A leading contemporary artist in the country, Maity's paintings are infused with a sense and feel of today's India. The colours are vibrant and bold, and Maity is not afraid to use staunchly Indian shapes and figures.They are a reflection of real people and real situations and are accessible to everyone. He borrows generously from the rich and vibrant culture of our country. Maity strives to make his paintings as contemporary as possible. He says history adds the essence, however his essence is to capture the Indian experience of today.

Paresh Maity, Water Logging, 1998, watercolour on paper, 40 x 40”.



Maity's experiments with medium are a sample of his artistic versatility

Maity has dared to explore and push his premise constantly in terms of his work, having used oil on canvas, mixed media like charcoal, conte and water colours for his paintings. One can also see the extensive use of sculptures and installations. What is characteristic of Maity's work is the thought behind it. While he usually begins the painting with abstract shapes, it gradually develops into something easily decipherable. He feels that that the crux of making art lies in communicating with the viewers. Gradually, his paintings take the shape of recognizable scenes from life around, which are essential and fundamental to all society, as he puts it. While contextually, they fathom a contemporary India, soaked in a holistic feel and flavour, their intrinsic appeal becomes universal, owing to the myriad human threads the artist weaves in. The fabulous figures are suffused with a gamut of emotions and unspoken words surrounding them. The colours are vibrant and bold, whereas shapes and figures are very much Indian, drawn from the country's rich culture, tradition and history.

Paresh Maity, Delhi 7, oil on steel, metal trunk & mirror.

The play of light is deeply rooted in his impressionist influences

Light is a crucial component in his works in setting the mood for each piece. The sculpture 'Universe' is a case in point. In it light plays the central role, depicting the germination of art, symbolized by the light effect in the sculpture, and the former itself refers directly to the point of origin of all creative processes. The sculpture thus conveys that light representing enlightenment and art, when blended, lead to the creation of the universe. Irrespective of the medium, Maity invariably strives to bring newness to his art.

Paresh Maity, Universe, 2009, 48 x 48”.

Nature as the premise of Maity's scope of work

There is an unmistakable tone of mood and memory, array of colours and the transparent depth of his watercolours that makes Maity’s art a synthesis of creativity and thought. Maity weaves into his psychological stream the many faces of nature. This visual experience is as much about self-discovery as it is about narration.

From his first canvas in 1983 - a study in still life using grapes, a vase and an Indianesque brass object completed the academic tone of a study that mirrored the realist idiom of the old masters; Maity has come a long way, reinventing as he grew. As an artist Paresh has continued to work according to his own precept, finding his own signature through the experiences of his travels, symbolizing at regular or irregular intervals what he has wanted to capture and translate emotive evocations close to his heart. The compositional merits of colour and contour are an intrinsic coalescence resulting in a representational rendition of the expressionist abstinence.

After doing landscapes all his life, filled with allegorical and metaphorical references, the act of tackling a canvas meant bringing to it a composition that had both depth and insight. Paresh believes it isn't the process that is so demanding, but the end result.

Paresh Maity, Kopai River, 2001,watercolour on paper, 40 x 40”.