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Pahari Miniatures

Pahari Miniatures is a style of Indian painting that developed during 17th-19th century in the Himalayan hill kingdoms of Northern India. It originated in the state of Basoli and spread to other regions of Kangra, Mankot, Chamba, Nurpur, Mandi, Guler and Garhwal.

Main themes - mythology and literature include paintings of Rasa - Manjari, Ramayana, Gita govinda, Ragamala and radhaand Krishna. Format

Pahari miniatures are quite dynamic in character. They are serene, lyrical and bold and depict intense human emotions. Each state has a distinctive style of painting. Basoli paintings are bold and rich in style and can be characterized by their immense use of primary colours while Kangra paintings are soft and poetic

Goddess Bhadrakali Worshipped by the Gods: from a tantric Devi series, Goddess Bhadrakali worshipped by the three major gods of Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, 1660-70, opaque watercolor, gold, silver and beetle-wing cases on paper, Height: 8.5 in, Width: 8.5 in