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New Media

New Media Art is a growing genre in art that leverages new technologies resulting in works that attempt to explore new modes and mediums for artistic expression. This art form includes the use of digital art, computer graphics, virtual and Internet art, animation, interactive art, video games, robotics, glitch art, Hacktivism, motion art, virtual or immersive environments and even sound engineering. New Media Art is usually characterized by the interaction that it attempts to encourage between the artist and the audience or the audience and the artwork itself. It is identified as a complex and non linear convergence of elements like the art system, scientific and industrial research and political-cultural media activism. New Media Artists from India include Nalini Malini and Vivan Sundaram who began using videos in their artworks around the 1990's and more recently, Subba Ghosh, Sonia Khurana, Sharmila Samant, Eleena Banik and Umesh Madanhalli.

Nalini Malani, In Search of Vanished Blood, 2012