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Multimedia Art

The evolving concept of Multimedia Art is a diverse discipline that aims at combining a variety of art forms by using multiple mediums. These may include a fusion of visual art such as film, performances with literature, music and sound, dance and design. The term was first coined by American showman, songwriter and artist Bobb Goldsteinn to promote the July 1966 opening of his 'Lightworks at L'Oursin' show at Southampton, Long Island, New York. Although often confused with 'Mixed Media', multimedia art is considered to be an expansion of the scope of the former. While Mixed Media may entail a combination of distinct visual elements, Multi Media brings together elements from distinct mediums. Hence, any art work that attempts to engage with senses other than merely the visual, be it as an installation, a kinetic sculpture or in some cases, performance art is multimedia. The emerging and most dominant forms of multimedia today include animation and the digital art industry. Famous Multimedia artists include Yoko Ono from Tokyo, Samson Young from Hong Kong, Colette Justine and Laurie Anderson, New York based performance artists. At present, many contemporary artists in South Asia are dabbling with Multimedia Art.

Smoke Painting, 1961, an interactive installation in which viewers are invited to manipulate a hanging canvas using fire and smoke, AG Gallery, New York, 1962, photo by George Maciunas., courtesy the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection, Detroit.