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Montage is the art of producing a new composite whole by superimposing miscellaneous fragments of photographs, pictures, texts or music. This method when used to create a hybrid image by blending in multiple images produces a photomontage. In films montage is used when a sequence of shots are edited to follow each other in rapid succession, thus conveying a lot of information in a comparatively shorter span of time. Russian filmmaker, Sergie Eisenstein was the one who pioneered and developed this method. For him montage was the collision of a number of different shots which when put together created a whole new meaning for the audience. Radio montage on the other hand is similar to film type but just uses sound in place of images. Thus by using this technique an artist or an advertiser can evoke specific emotions or moods, which might not be possible with a single straight element.

Rashid Rana, Ommatidia III (Shah Rukh Khan), 2004, digital print, 30 x 31