ARTSOME Exhibition

Solo show by Biswajit Balasubramanian "MADras!" opens on August 18 at Forum Art Gallery, Chennai, India

Biswajit Balasubramanian, Murugan tea stall, print on archival paper, size variable

An exhibition of cartoons by BiswajitBalasubramanian on the inspiring city that is Madras to commemorate the 375th birthday of Madras.

Biswajit is a caboodler - has been and always will be. The passion with which he 'caboodles' reflects in his endearing characters ? layered with humor to give life to a happy congregation of people that populate his art. The colourful citizens of the vibrant city of Madras are a reserve bank of humour that the cartoonist reveals graphically. It is hard not to recognize a typical Madrasi, being a distinguished creature, draped in culture with the right mix of tradition and the modern. Very often their children are IT geeks in the US and who recite slokas and savour ThairSaadam and Dunkin Donuts all in the same breath. The migrant Madrasi will also never fail to descend to Chennai for the December Season to savour music, dance vada ,pongal and dosa! The dynamics of the city is forever in motion and there is no dearth of inspiration that acts as a fodder for the cartoonist.

In MADras!,Biswajit’s animated train of thought portrays socially inspired situations with graphic detail. He excavates deep for the ‘invisible’ to appear and it doesyith such clarity that it is almost shocking in its innate simplicity. Biswajit's eye is trained to peel away the layers, one by one, and to reveal in its simplicity a constellation of characters engaged in the ‘drama of life’. To express the maximum in the most minimalist of terms is a challenge that Biswajit straddles with ease. A cartoonist’s caboodle is a collective narrative that essays the sensitivity of the creator. With Biswajit, narrative is infused with thought-provoking stories that never fail to leave a smile or giggle on the face of the beholder!

The exhibition runs through September 20, 2014.
Venue: Forum Art Gallery
Address: 57, 5th Street Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020, India
Nearest Transport: Adyar Aavin Bus Stop


August 2014