ARTSOME Exhibition

Group show "White: Paper, Decoding Memory" opens on August 9 at Art Konsult, New delhi, India

Reg Fallah, Veraval, 2013-14, mixed media, 27.5 x 39 inches

In this exhibition we bring together artists from the contemporary art scene, as we explore their various sensibilities and the paper they use as a reflection of their memories/feelings. A depository of experiences arranged in metaphors waiting to be decoded.

Paper, a sensitive medium that seems to absorb a little bit of the artist’s feelings, time, sounds in its textured surface, and almost has a magical quality… The idea of medium absorbing sound is a well explored one, in archaeoacoustics one studies the acoustic phenomena encoded in ancient artefacts. For instance, the idea that a pot or vase could be “read” like a gramophone record or phonograph cylinder for messages from the past, sounds encoded into the turning clay as the pot was thrown. A light-hearted column by David E. H. Jones’s said, “A trowel, like any flat plate, must vibrate in response to sound: thus, drawn over the wet surface by the singing plasterer, it must emboss a gramophone-type recording of his song in the plaster. Once the surface is dry, it may be played back,”1982.

This show brings forth the varied experiences of the artists in their socio cultural settings, observations, concerns. Their visual language, channelizing their thoughts & ideas and draining out the conscious / sub-conscious. The artists own way to make the observer aware and use these metaphors to momentarily inflict the viewer with their own rumination.

Paper as a medium itself stands apart for its textural quality, the granular surface, its sensitivity to touch, and the pure beauty of the way it holds line and colour. Soaking up greedily in its grains every drop of colour, every little spec of graphite and more…  Then the memories come in, experiences and observations more conscious renderings. Reacting to feelings, absorbing them, thus every such creation carries the quintessence of the painter, the vibrations a record of the time & with sound mingled in with the artist’s essence.

The exhibition runs through September 5, 2014.
Venue: Art Konsult
Address: F 209, Lado Sarai, New Delhi -110030
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday : 11am to 7pm, Sunday by Appoinment
Nearest Transport: Lado Sarai Bus Stop and Saket Metro Station


August 2014