ARTSOME Exhibition

Aditya Pande's solo show "H&M" opens on August 9 at Nature Morte, New Delhi, India

Aditya Pande, F_H&M, 2014, mixed media on canvas, 78.7 x 62.5 in

Nature Morte is pleased to present a solo show of new works by Aditya Pande.

Aditya Pande continues his exploration of the dissolution of boundaries between various artistic mediums. In ample evidence will be a number of new works continuing with his trademark "vector drawings," these being frenetic line drawings achieved on the computer and then printed on to paper or canvas. These become the foundations for unique works, as Pande continues to work on top of the printed drawings, adding colors and additional imagery, consciously confusing the distinctions between what is digitally reproduced and what has been made by hand. These are figurative works that flirt rather brazenly with abstraction. Their subjects seem to be both human and animal, often reminiscent of anthropods and sea creatures. These chimerical characters, perhaps stand-ins for the artist himself, suit the hybridized manner in which they are rendered, a mythologizing of both the subject of the picture and the picture itself.

Other works focus on the purely photographic or drawn, acting as possible footnotes to the more complex works, giving some indications of the building blocks and processes the artist has developed. The exhibition's title ("H&M") also offers a clue. Standing for Harappa & Mohenjodaro, Pande has been inspired by the reductivist aspects of artifacts found at these sites, savoring the irony of the similarities between pre-history and our own post-modern times. Video will also be present in the exhibition, but more as punctuation points rather than fully-developed narratives.

But Pande feels uneasy within the confines of the rectangular frame or the white box of the gallery space. His graphic notations, patterns of color and elements of collage will stretch out across walls, seep around corners and envelope rooms, providing a cosmological diagram to contain his heavenly bodies. These wall drawings and installations will change through the course of the show, creating a background noise that visually pulsates, mapping the synapses of both the artist's and the viewers' brains.

The exhibition runs through September 6, 2014.
Venue: Nature Morte
Address: A-1 Neeti Bagh, New Delhi-110049
Nearest Transport: Kamala Nehru College Bus Stop and Greek Park Metro Station


August 2014