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Dinesh Khanna

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1957, New Delhi
Lives and works in Gurgaon, India

Dinesh Khanna is one of the most versatile photographers of India. With an experience of over 23 years, he has been creating images for Advertising, Editorial and Corporate clients and has been traveling around interminably for his personal photographic projects. He specializes in food, still life, interiors and people photography.


Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Economics

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Khanna's photographs are a visual treat mirroring the colours of the nation exactly

From being a Calculator Salesman, Garments Quality Checker and a Busboy in an Upper Eastside Bar in New York to serving a 12 year long career as a Client Servicing Executive, Dinesh Khanna finally settled in to become what he is today, a successful professional photographer. Khanna’s oeuvre is a plethora of works, ranging from personal projects to photo essays, streets photos, mobile stories, commercial assignments, books and columns in journals.  Espousing photography as a form of creative profession, Dinesh creates images for advertising, editorial and corporate clients and specializes in areas of food, still-life, interiors and portraiture which include the phenomenal “Incredible India” series undertaken to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Taj Mahal. His diverse portfolio of projects mirror a life lived, not only in the metropolitan city of New Delhi, but also his travels to the rural parts of India witnessing the life and culture in its fairs, bazaars and sacred places. For Dinesh who says, colour is almost a language in India , he uses it in his photographs both instinctively and symbolically to depict the Indian diaspora. The photographer believes in devoting a substantial amount of time to his works. Out of his projects, two of them- “Kissa Kursi ka” and “Mothers and Daughters” are amaranthine. Indeed, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and Dinesh uses the tools of observation, imagination and perspectives to unleash his creative expression while staging a pleasure in visuality.

Dinesh Khanna, from "Incredible India", photograph