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Calendar Art

Calendar Art refers to the 'mass produced' icons and images, usually of Gods and Godesses, ubiquitous to Indian public spaces. Raja Ravi Verma, an Indian artist from the princely state of Travancore is known to have pioneered calendar art when he set up the first printing press to print his works in Ghatkopar Mumbai in 1894. His intention was to encourage the appreciation of art works by their large scale printing. Starting from the early 1900s to 2000s four broad themes that were depicted in calendar art were: religious, patriotic, film and landscapes. Having become popular at a time when western styles of drawing defined shapes and lines were becoming popular. Technically, the single point perspective wherein the drawing has only one vanishing point was used. Other popular calendar artists included Hem Chand Bhargava, B.G. Sharma, L.N Sharma, Yogendra Rastogi.

Raja Ravi Varma, The Maharashtrian Lady.