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Body cast

Body casting or lifecasting, is a method of directly taking a mold from the body to produce a sculpture as accurate as a photograph. Thus it creates a three dimensional copy of body parts or a whole living human being by the use of molding and casting techniques. The mold material is mostly in the form of a thick paste which can easily take the shape of the body, its non toxic and not heated too much ensuring safety because else it can cause severe burns on the models skin. An oily substance such as petroleum jelly is applied to the surface of the models body, so that the mold does not stick to the skin or hair. The model is then stationed in a desired position and has to hold this pose until the mold is removed from the body. Molding is the most important stage, as it creates the mold from which the final cast is made. Once the mold is strong enough, it is carefully taken off the models body. Then a casting material, mostly in the form of a liquid is poured into the mold, which takes the shape of the mold and when cured completely, is carefully removed from the mold. After the final caste is achieved the mold is destroyed, this ensures the uniqueness of the sculpture. Further the final sculpture is left to dry for three four weeks before applying any paints if required.

Female Torso