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Baptist Coelho

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1977, India
Lives and works in Mumbai

Baptist Coelho is a visual artist whose projects are based on the physical and emotional responses of people of various cultures, geographies, and histories.Through his work, Baptist Coelho attempts to provide an articulate voice to the unspoken stories of people and permeating them with intellectual thought and conscience. He incorporates various media such as installations, video, sound and photography into his works that take form of human-shaped media-landscapes.



Master of Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, UK



Certification in Photography, L.S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, India


Diploma in Applied Art, L.S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, India

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Coelho's philosophy reflects the Baptist spirit of holistic consciousness

There is interactivity with elements that permeate Coelho’s work. This interactivity or inter-connectedness with all elements of nature constitutes an inherent part in Coelho’s consciousness, which, in turn, get reflected in his art. This interactivity transcends the physical and borders on the sublime.
Says the artist, "I had explored the fundamental element of air in one of my installations, ‘RE(WIND)' in 2006. I had used air as a medium to create contemporary art."
Baptist Coelho’s work takes its inspiration from personal research associated by a strong cultural and geographical interest. He keeps a very special link between his life and his particular personal life, taken out of his near environment which he replaces in a global perspective.

Baptist Coelho, Paper boats on land, 2007, digital print on archival paper

Coelho's projects mainly focus on merging personal research with collaboration from people of different backgrounds

Baptist Coelho believes that as a visual artist, it has been a driving force in his practice to provide an articulate voice to the unspoken stories of people and be able to permeate them with intellectual thought and conscience.

His projects are an amalgamation of personal research and the responses of people across various cultures, geographies, and histories that often trigger off new ideas and ideations. The artist states that throughout his practices, he employs the use of atmospheric stimuli and residual work, such as found objects. The main reason or the motive behind this action is to engage the viewer, who no longer remains a passive spectacle, but an active participant in the story, and allow them an interactive space to reflect both on the art and the immediacy of their own responses.

Baptist Coelho, (un)identified #2 , 2009,digital print on archival paper, 32.25 x 43”

Coelho's aesthetic includes using multiple media to create impact

Baptist Coelho incorporates various media into his works that take the form of human- shaped media-landscapes. A human element introduces the space to invite contemplation. He believes in immersing himself into a particular location or space in order to collect stories and artifacts of people’s lives and be able to convey the emotional responses as well as material ideas. He also believes in collaboration as a technique to fuel research for his projects and consolidate ideas regarding which medium suits which project.

He combines the use of installation, video, sound, photography, performance, and a variety of objects (which may develop into site-specific work, emotion-related spaces or public-art projects) to describe conflict, emotions, environment, history, and cultures of people from various backgrounds and various strata of our complex society. These multiplicities, along with attention to detail, form part of his ideology.

Baptist Coelho,Your Dream Home (Mumbai), 2010, installation with concrete blocks, newsprint, glass, wood and paper, 18 X 8 X 3 Ft

Coelho attempts to delve into unknown territories

The artist seeks to showcase the human face of vulnerable parts of society – women, soldiers etc.

He has tried to explore the domain of feminine experience as in his own words "I have realized that women are treated differently than women and more restrictions are placed on them." Gender is one of his key areas of expertise. In the video “Çross-Legged”, the artist explores the subtle nuances of body language within a culture. He sets a stage in an office reception area where he demonstrates a true story of a young man who experienced discrimination insinuated by the act of crossing his legs, which was considered as feminine and dishonorable

Baptist Coelho, Cross-Legged, 2008, audio/video, 1 minute loop