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Amit Pasricha

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1966, New Delhi
Lives and works in Delhi

Amit Pasricha is a prominent contemporary photographer in India. He has developed a significant niche of panoramic photography for himself. He has a distinctive idiom which makes his photographs one of its kinds. He has travelled extensively all over India and has brilliantly captured the essence and culture of India through his lens.


Alumni of St. Stephen's College, Delhi

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The artist is most famous for his panoramic photographs of the places and people in India

In a family where more than three generations have been actively engaged in photography, Amit Pasricha has been able to cull out his own niche of panoramic photography among them and has been successful enough to be recognized as one of the important figure in contemporary Indian photography. The signature style of Amit is his Panoramas which not only brings together the different places and people together but also shows the range of diversity it has in terms of geography, culture, colour, cast and creed and the rich history that India has. He has widely worked with Tourism Department of India and has captured almost every part of India. But the aspect which makes Pasricha’s photo one of its kind is its totality. The panorama not only gives a wider range of view but a vision which helps the viewer to articulate about a place or its people. According to him, “Photography, for me, is not about the instant moment, it is more about the overall experience. The moment itself, is ongoing.” This very statement is the crux of Amit’s photography where one can experience the place not a fleeting moment.  He has widely produced some of the best photographic books on historical monuments, religion and culture.

Amit Pasricha, 2007, from “The Monumental India”